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Hong Kong’s Green Deal – Carbon neutrality by 2050 - Chief Executive's Annual Policy Address (25 November 2020)

The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Mrs Carrie Lam, delivered her annual Policy Address on 25 November 2020.  The HKSAR will strive to achieve carbon neutrality before 2050.  There are other measures to facilitate business to access the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) through Hong Kong.


Cleaner, Greener and Liveable Hong Kong

The Chief Executive set out the HKSAR Government’s strategies and proposals to achieve carbon neutrality, promote green transport and energy efficiency and to enhance the quality of life in districts across Hong Kong.  Key initiatives include –

With the GBA seen as offering multiple opportunities for the development of various sectors, the Chief Executive said that during meetings with leaders from Guangdong Province and Shenzhen municipality in early November 2020, they had agreed to press ahead with work in areas such as cross-boundary infrastructure development and clearance facilitation, joint development of an international innovation and technology (I&T) hub, co-operation in modern service industries, education, nurturing of talents and youth exchanges as well as joint development of a quality living circle.  Specific co-operation projects include –
One Country, Two Systems

The Chief Executive vowed to ensure the robustness of “One Country, Two Systems”. 

She also emphasized the Chief Executive’s duty to uphold judicial independence which is protected under the Basic Law.

New Impetus to the Economy

In her 2020 Policy Address, the Chief Executive revealed wide-ranging strategies to make full use of the city’s advantages under the “One Country, Two Systems” principle, reboot Hong Kong’s economy, create new opportunities in the GBA and further promote I&T.  Key initiatives include –

International Financial Centre
International Aviation Hub
International I&T Hub
Supporting Business and Commerce Development and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)
Creative Industries
Investing in Infrastructure and Reinventing Construction
Convention and Exhibition Industry
Tourism Industry
Housing and Land

The Chief Executive set out in her 2020 Policy Address an innovative, multi-pronged approach to tackle the challenges, ranging from development of transitional housing to the launch of an “unprecedented” cash allowance scheme.  The Chief Executive also said that 330 hectares of land has been identified, which could provide 316,000 public housing units to meet the demand for about 301,000 public housing units in the coming 10 years.
Key initiatives include –
- set up the Development Projects Facilitation Office to expedite the processing of development approval of larger-scale private residential sites 
- expand the remit of the Steering Group on Streamlining Development Control to cover departments not under the Development Bureau 
- the Chief Executive will personally steer on housing and land supply 
Full text of the 2020 Policy Address 

2020 Policy Address - Highlights leaflets 

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