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Dublin International Film Festival screens tribute documentary to Ann Hui

The Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival (23  February - 6 March 2022), one of the most important events in Ireland’s cultural calendar, honoured the work of distinguished Hong Kong film director Ann Hui, with the screening of Lim Chung Man’s documentary about her life and career, “Keep Rolling”

The tribute to Ann Hui, which was shown along with an interview, could also be watched on line and was presented with the support of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels and Create Hong Kong.

Ms Hui’s films about the lives of ordinary people struggling with relationships and life’s challenges have touched the hearts of audiences around the world.  Above all, her love for Hong Kong, a vibrant city with a unique contemporary and cosmopolitan lifestyle blended with Chinese heritage and tradition, and one of her constant sources of inspiration, shines through her films.

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Government is deeply committed to supporting the film industry’s development and nurturing of talents.  The government has also provided additional resources during the pandemic including, for example, to cinemas and special effects operators.

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