Chief Executive's 2017 Policy Address

A forward-looking blueprint to develop the economy and build an inclusive society

    Hong Kong's Chief Executive, Mr CY Leung, delivered his 2017 Policy Address to the Legislative Council on 18 January, his fifth and final policy address before the election of a new chief executive on 26 March.  

    In his address, entitled 'Make best use of opportunities, develop the economy, improve people's livelihood and build an inclusive society';, Mr Leung underlined that the Government believes that 'only through economic development can we improve people's livelihood and promote social harmony and inclusion';.

    He said that over the past four years, Hong Kong's economy has seen moderate growth and receding inflation. The Government maintains a sound fiscal position.  Unemployment remained at a very low level.  Apart from reinforcing the competitive edges of traditional industries, the Government also strives to promote the development of emerging industries Land and housing supply for the short and medium terms has increased significantly.  Many infrastructure projects are underway.
    The Government has made full efforts to alleviate poverty, care for the elderly, support the disadvantaged and encourage employment. Over the last four years, earnings for the employees in the lowest three income groups have increased by 5.2% after discounting inflation.  The Government has invested heavily in healthcare infrastructure.  Air quality in the city and water quality in Victoria Harbour have improved notably.  Measures on climate change and waste management have been implemented progressively and important progress has been made in the protection and conservation of species and the rural environment.
    The world's political and economic landscapes are undergoing profound changes. China is playing an increasingly prominent and leading role in the global economy. Against this background, Hong Kong's dual advantages of 'one country'; and 'two systems'; and its role as the 'super-connector'; are becoming more apparent.  Leveraging the National 13th Five-Year Plan and the Belt & Road Initiative, Hong Kong enjoys endless economic opportunities, as it excels in 'what the country needs, and what Hong Kong is good at';.  

    This year marks the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland.  Mr Leung stressed that Hong Kong is an inalienable part of China.  'There is absolutely no room for independence or any form of separation. Under 'one country, two systems';, every one of us has the obligation to fully comply with the Basic Law and safeguard national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity,'; he said.



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    Commenting on the 2017 Policy Address, Hong Kong's Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Matthew Cheung, told the media that it was a "substantial, pragmatic, bold and forward-looking blueprint" which demonstrates the Government's vision and commitment over a wide spectrum of policy issues.  

    'The current-term Government is proactive and committed to responding to the needs of the people and catering for the long-term interests of Hong Kong.  We are not shying away from contentious problems and issues, and are determined to tackle them head-on.  In this year's Policy Agenda booklet, we've set out 182 new initiatives which are the highest on record since the beginning of this term. This underlines the fact that we are not adopting a caretaker government's approach and mentality.';
Full details of the 2017 Policy Address can be found here.

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