Luxembourg - HKSAR 20th anniversary reception - 28 June 2017

The reception in Luxembourg on 28 June was attended by local officials, businessmen and Hong Kong community members.  Itwas co-organised by HKETO, Brussels and Association des Ressortissants Cantonais au Luxembourg (Association of Cantonese people in Luxembourg).  The Guest of Honour, Mr Laurent Mosar, the Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies, Luxembourg’s Parliament, also addressed the gathering, congratulating the HKSAR on its 20th anniversary and conveying his best wishes for the future.

At the Luxembourg and Brussels receptions, the talented Yat Po Singers (一舖清唱), the first professional a cappella choral theatre company in Hong Kong focusing on developing original theatrical works, gave warmly applauded performances with a programme that variously included the theme song of the 20th Anniversary celebrations namely 香港・我家 (Hong Kong Our Home), 月光光 (The Crescent Moon Rises), 南泥灣渡假村 (Nan Ni Wan Resort), 賽馬 (Horse Race), Man in the mirror and Swan Lake.

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