Asian Summer Film Festival in Vic celebrates the action women of Hong Kong films - 18-23 July 2017

The Asian Summer Film Festival in Vic, near Barcelona, will celebrate the role of women in Hong Kong action movies in its 14th edition on 18-23 July 2017 with a special retrospective of six films, two documentaries and a bookFive recent Hong Kong productions and two co-productions will be shown in the Festival's main programme, six of them in competition. 

With the support of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels (HKETO, Brussels), the Festival screened a special, six-film "Kung Fu Girls !" retrospective comprising Lau Kar-leung's "My Young Auntie" (1981), Corey Yuen's "Yes Madam" (1985), David Chung's "Royal Warriors (Ultra Force)"(1986), David Chung's "Magnificent Warriors"(1987), Teresa Woo's "Iron Angels" (1987) and Ching Siu-Tung's "Naked Weapon" (2002).  

As a curtain-raiser for the retrospective, the Festival held a Noodle & Beer Night screening of David Chung's "Royal Warriors (Ultra Force)" starring Michelle Yeoh at the Phenomena cinema in Barcelona on 30 June.

Two documentaries examined the role of actresses in Hong Kong action movies, "Dragon Girls: Les Amazones Pop Asiatiques", by French director Yves Montmayeur (2016) and "Cinema Hong Kong: The Beauties of the Shaw Studio" by Ian Taylor (2003).

The first book fully dedicated to the action women of Hong Kong cinema,  "Kung Fu Girls ! The Actresses of the Hong Kong and Chinese Action Movies", will be launched by its authors, Jorge Endrino and Domingo López, at a reception hosted by HKETO, Brussels on the Festival's Hong Kong Day on 22 July.  The book is an exhaustive review of female main characters in the genre, with the historical context, a gallery with the most outstanding actresses, a film guide and original illustrations by Toni Benages

Six recent Hong Kong productions and co-productions will be in competition at the Festival, with the European premieres of Hui See-wai's "The Posterist" (2017) and Brian Tse's "McDull: Rise of the Rice Cooker"(2016), and the Spanish premieres of Chiu Sin-hang's "Vampire Cleanup Department" (2017) and Herman Yau's "Shock Wave" (2017).  Also in competition are co-productions "Mrs K", by Ho Yuhang (Malaysia-Hong Kong)(2017) and "Cook up a Storm" by Raymond Yip (Mainland China-Hong Kong)(2017).  

There will be a special screening of Hong Kong production "Mira", a short documentary about Nepali trail runner Mira Rai by Hongkonger Lloyd Belcher (2016).  

Hui See-wai, director of "The Posterist", and the posterist himself, Yuen Tai-yung, who painted some of the most iconic posters for Hong Kong films will attend the Festival.  An exhibition of Yuen Tai-yung's work, entitled "El Supercartellista" will be held at the Biblioteca Joan Triadú in Vic to coincide with the Festival, until 31 July.

Hong Kong-themed activities will take place on the Festival's outdoor stage on Hong Kong Day on 22 July, and Cantonese food will be served.

The tribute to the action women of Hong Kong cinema will continue with screenings at the Confucius Institute in Barcelona after the summer.

For more information and the programme, please see the Festival's website here.

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