Business seminar in Tricase, Italy - 6 September 2018

The Deputy Representative of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels, Miss Fiona Chau, spoke at a business seminar held in Tricase on 6 September 2018 to promote Hong Kong as the gateway for Italian companies to enter the Mainland and Belt and Road markets.  The business seminar was followed by a networking reception.

Miss Chau also told her interlocutors that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government actively encourages professionals from Europe and other places who are among the 11 professional groups covered by the first Talent List recently promulgated by the Hong Kong Government to seize career opportunities in Hong Kong.

Later in the day, Miss Chau officiated at the opening of the Hong Kong Film Event at the Salento International Film Festival in Tricase.

During her visit to Italy, Miss Chau also met with senior officials of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Rome on 5 September  and the President of the Italy Oriental Chamber of Commerce in Bari on 7 September  to update them on the latest developments of Hong Kong. 


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